You aim to Influence, Innovate, Inspire and be Fearless…

We aim to put a smile on your face, a reward in your heart and hand and inspiration to carry on!

The Retreet is a women’s sanctuary where you will be inspired, express yourself through creativity or just let your hair down and have some fun!


The opportunity to listen and learn through conversation!


The process of being mentally stimulated through creativity!


The only way to a womens heart is through her mouth!

Client Testimonials

“JHB is saturated with day spa’s, nail bars etc. What working mom’s and house wives really want is “time off with their friends”. It can’t be geographically too close to Major suburbs as one needs to have the feeling one is “away from home”. On the flip side it can’t be too far-in case of an emergency at home. So your location is ideal!

The spa element is just a small one, but what will attract and differentiate it is the ability to let your hair down, enjoy a guilt free glass or 3 of wine, eat some good food and go back to your family refreshed and rejuvenated. Not all because of treatments but because of quality time with friends without distractions.”

Kyra Valjalo

‘’I decided to leave the full time corporate world and go half day to see more of my kids. When I left my employment I was given a kindle – because, “you`ll have so much time on your hands” HA! I still laughed! I knew I`d have my hands full! I did and still do! As a mother of three, rushing around for the children all the time (school run, extra murals, playdates, etc… etc…) means that I don’t get much time to myself. Once the kids are in bed I just want to crawl into bed too.

My son asked me the other day why I don’t paint anymore – when? Was my immediate thought. The thought of having a retreat, a place to decompress, reflect, find myself, rejuvenate and be a better ME makes me very excited. Especially something close to home that offers me this solace.”

Marselle van Niekerk